Best Places to find a Starter Phone

In our previous blog, we talked about good starter phones for kids. In this blog, we will talk about where to find these phones. Most major carriers (AT&T, Verizon) have a separate division that sell "prepaid" phones. If you decide to get your kid a basic flip phone, then a "prepaid" flip phone would be a good way to go. These phones can be purchased directly from your local carrier's corporate stores. Just walk into your local AT&T or Verizon store and tell the sales associate that you'd like to buy a prepaid flip phone and add it to your account. You probably don't have a prepaid account but that is okay. You can always put a prepaid phone on your non-prepaid account. Since you are

Starter Phone for Kids

People often ask us what an appropriate starter phone is for a child. As parents ourselves, our first recommendation is to make sure that your child is mature enough to be given a phone. Only you can evaluate that but it is an important decision. One 3rd grader might be ready, while a 5th grader might need to wait. Once you've decided that your child is mature enough for a phone, the question becomes what phone you should get. The latest and greatest iPhone or Android phone do not come with a starter price. Kids being kids, you have to assume that the first phone will have an "accident". If the primary purpose of getting the phone is communication, then a basic flip phone is not a bad


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