We fix broken connectors

Did someone damage a connector on your phone trying to perform a "repair"? If so, we can help. As one of the experienced shops in the area, we can repair many things that others deem to be "unrepairable". For example, it is not unusual for an amateur to damage one of the delicate connectors on an Apple iPhone 6 while trying to replace the screen. If this happened to you, bring the phone to us and we may be able to replace the damaged connector for you. We have the latest equipment for doing these delicate work. #fpcconnector #connector #apple #iphone #brokenconnector

Retro iPhone? NOT!!!

You may have heard from people that you can achieve a "retro" look on your Apple iPhone if you change the date to January 1, 1970. This is not true and may "brick" or freeze your phone. If this happened to you, bring the phone to the Cellular Repair Center in San Jose or Santa Clara and we will fix this for you. #iPhone #Apple #Retro #Brick #Hoax


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