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While we encourage our customers to keep their old phones as backups, we also recognize that some people may prefer to sell their old phones rather than keeping them.  At the Cellular Repair Center, we try to accommodate our customers’ needs.  If you have a phone or iPad or iPhone that you wish to sell, feel free to bring it to us and we’ll be happy to discuss sales and/or trades.  We consistently meet or beat prices offered by even the biggest online websites for Samsung and other phones.  Furthermore, you get your money immediately and do not have to ship the phone to someone on the other side of the country.


If you are in need of a quality replacement phone, iPhone, Samsung, we’d like to help.  At the Cellular Repair Center, we maintain a selection of gently-used certified phones for resale.   Our used phones have been inspected by skilled technicians and represent great values as compared to the full-retail prices charged at other stores.



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